Current Lab Members

We are currently recruiting for highly motivated PhD students with a passion and curiosity for science. 

International students are encouraged to apply.


Edwin Chen

Principle Investigator


BSc, McGill University

PhD, University of Toronto

Postdoc, University of Cambridge (2007-12), Harvard University (2012-15)



Lab Alumni

Research Staff

Dr. Fatima Nadat (2019-2020) - currently a NHS Clinical Scientist Trainee 

April Joy Baral (2016-2018) - currently MRC-funded PhD student at Newcastle University

Rachael Smyth (2017-2018) - currently an Account Executive at MedNet Group working in healthcare communication

PhD Students

Jeanne Rivera (PhD, 2016-2020) - currently a Postdoc in Dr. Ian Hitchcock's lab at the University of York

MSc/MBiol/MRes Students

Grainne Donnellan (MSc student, 2017)

Melina Teske (MSc student, 2017)

Katie Young (MBiol student, 2016-17) - currently a PhD student at University of Cambridge

Undergraduate Students

Edward Lavers (FY3 Project Student, 2019-20)

Emma Burman (FY3 Project Student, 2018-19) - currently a PhD student at University College London

Jack Stenning (FY3 Project Student, 2017-18) - currently a Research Assistant at University of Cambridge

Nadya Abu-Shanab (FY3 Project Student, 2017-18)

Danielle Beeson (FY3 Project Student, 2016-17)

Gina Studholme (FY3 Project Student, 2016-17)